Our Client Service /


Effective account management is the single most critical factor in creating customer value and satisfaction.

24 Security manages our accounts through a position called the Client Service Manager (CSM). The organizational structure that we have devised is based on best practices and is similar to the way that an established property management company operates. Each CSM has a portfolio of clients that he or she deals with and their purpose is to bring all of our corporate resources together to ensure that the security program at each site is professionally managed.

Depending on the facility and its requirements, CSMs meet with our clients on a periodic basis to communicate changes, to discuss upcoming issues, and in general, just to share information to ensure that we are performing above expectations. They also solicit feedback so that we can improve upon past performance. Smaller sites with mature and well-defined programs may require monthly meetings, whereas large and developing programs may require daily contact.

CSMs take ultimate responsibility for the sites that they manage. Site Supervisors and Site Managers report directly to the CSMs and implement any required changes immediately. For after-hours requests, Field Managers and Zone Supervisors assist in the process and will attend the sites at any hour to ensure that issues are dealt with professionally and properly. Field Managers and Zone Supervisors take direction from CSMs.