Our Stringent Selection Process /


24 has one of the most stringent selection processes in the security industry. We believe that this results in a higher calibre individual and therefore a better service, right from the start. At 24, we follow a 12-Step Selection Process that includes, among other things, psychological profiling, reference checks, thorough criminal background checks and multiple interviews.

Rather than use the traditional security industry model that includes hiring “guards” and then placing them at the next available site, at 24, we use a “Strategic Staffing” model that ensures the people we hire have the right set of skills and abilities for the specific role that they are being hired for. Ultimately, this enables us to create a better ‘marriage’ between our Security Officers and the sites that we assign them to; meaning that our clients experience greater success and we experience lower staff turnover. The fact is, the more stable the workforce, the fewer the security problems and the better the service.

At 24, our selection process is designed to screen for only the most promising individuals and to make them feel challenged to become part of our team. Our proven and successful process has been developed through our years of practice and ensures that we attract and hire only the best.


24 Security has become the “Employer of Choice” within the industry because of the way we treat our people. We motivate, reward, incent and retain our people in the following important ways:

  • Our pay scales are amongst the highest in the industry, which allows us to attract and retain high quality, experienced Security Officers
  • Our Employee Benefit Program is without peer in the industry
  • We provide numerous bonuses at each branch on a monthly basis for performance related service.
  • Across the country, we issue awards on a daily and weekly basis to individuals that go above and beyond in the area of customer service.
  • We pay for all training for our members, which in many cases can add up to thousands of shillings per employee per year.
  • We faithfully and diligently promote from within so that our people experience career growth.
  • We employ Employee Care Coordinators at all of our branches whose sole function is to improve the employment experience for all of our people.
  • We have clear and open lines of communication through regularly scheduled meetings, employee surveys, interactive employee portals and our company newsletter.
  • We track Employee Service through a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the needs of our most valuable resource; our people.