Remote Video Monitoring & Verification /


We provide fast and accurate video verification to your alarms, and depending on your installation, we can also view pre-alarm video information so that we can actually see video of the alarm event taking place in the monitoring station.

Our CheckVideo solution uses video analytics to differentiate between human activity and other “noise motion” in the field of view, such as tree branches blowing in the wind. When a person or vehicle is detected, CheckVideo sends a 10-second video clip of the alarm activity to our monitoring station where our operators evaluate the alarm and take the appropriate action. Video alarms can be set active on a schedule, or set to generate alarms only when your alarm system is armed. We can also send these video clips to our security officers at your site, or to your smart phone.

  • Reduce false alarms with the use of “video analytics”
  • Get instant alerts to smart phones with email video clips
  • Enhance current CCTV systems by adding CheckVideo to existing cameras or DVRs
  • Help prevent crimes in progress with real-time alerts sent to our monitoring station and/or security responders
  • No software or computers required on user site!

Our advanced Immix RVM solution allows us to deliver next-generation monitoring services while helping to reduce your operational costs. A single operator interface allows our operators to connect remotely to a wide range of CCTV equipment that you may have already installed for your protection, allowing us to perform “virtual video patrols”, and receive video alarms directly from your cameras, NVRs, or DVRs. In addition, a comprehensive audit trail logs everything an operator saw and did while responding to your alarm.